REGENERATION MATRIX group develops academic programs.

The REGENERATION MATRIX group team was originally the team for the supervision of online university training GdP-Lab (Lab in applied project management) of MOOC GdP of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, created by Remi Bachelet. For 3 years, or 6 university sessions, our team trained 600 alumni among the best in mOOC GdP training across the Francophonie, including Africa.

Today, the team creates MOOCs for its communities and open to other students.

It offers educational projects with the ABUNDANCE programs

  • various applied trainings on the 11 levels of consciousness and co-creation in 2022.
  • a certification of Ambassador of REGENERATION MATRIX group to come in early 2022.
  • university training on innovative jobs in digital management to come in early 2023.

It offers MOBILE APPLICATIONS supports for teaching ABUNDANCE training courses

  • UNIV (traditional MOOC application)
  • VINU (disability application)
  • LIBRARY (resource application)

It sets up networks with associated projects

  • SIGNAL (decentralized network of training spaces)
  • ANGELS (network to restore social trust)
  • My LIFE (network of hope and the future for young people)