REGENERATION MATRIX group brings together all the members of the consortium. Being a member of REGENERATION MATRIX group does not mean that you are a member of the other structures of the group (interns, girls or partners).

All the members of the base consortium are volunteers for all the classic associative tasks.

Each structure within the consortium may or may not integrate one or more members of the REGENERATION MATRIX group, either by internal call for tenders, or by spontaneous application to be sent to our administrative structure mandated for this task.

A member of the REGENERATION MATRIX group association can be:

  • premium member (voting)
  • classic member (not voting)
  • beneficiary member (not voting)

With specifics (non-exhaustive list):

  • founding member (of the ecosystem)
  • committee member
  • individual member
  • structural member (with responsibilities relating to ecosystem)
  • partner member (according to partnership contract)
  • donor member
  • ideation member (at the origin of ideas, concepts, patentes)
  • active member
  • passive member (often passive members who have temporarily retired)
  • board member (for internal spine-off projects)
  • convector member (which diffuses the vision)
  • connector member (which connects)