Our organisation is a humanitarian, social, territorial, economic and scientific ECOSYSTEM with distinct branches:

  • ECOSYSTEM, the ecosystem, the umbrella organisation for internal projects and organisations
  • REGENERATION MATRIX for everything to do with programme implementation and public interest projects requiring fund-raising
  • EXPANSION for projects that are protected from outside influences, such as LABELS and encapsulated projects such as AI governance for IT platforms.
  • ANGELS for crime observation, local development and autonomous and voluntary humanitarian work.
  • GOOD for distribution dispatch and guaranteeing the ethics of internal or external projects working for the good of humanity.
  • VLG to support the design and creation of projects and programmes created by our founder Virginie Guignard Legros

ECOSYSTEM VLG is a consortium whose objective is peace and prosperity for the world’s children by combining humanitarian, scientific, economic, urban planning and business fields with NGOs, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists on the themes of innovation and resilience.

It’s a matrix that recreates an entire viable ecosystem, with projects and training for beneficiaries such as organisations, associations, NGOs, partners and communities.

Our field of action is the world, with a preponderance of Africa and the West. Our beneficiaries are people who want to move forward despite being traumatised by war, famine, climatic disasters, extreme poverty, the corona virus with innovators, families, the homeless… but also youth and all subjects touching civil societies that will touch our hearts. According to Sustainable Development Goals (UN CF).

All our associative structures were created for administrative purposes but never for political purposes, which is why we only have structural members and beneficiaries made up of ANGELS and their communities.

The beneficiaries are subject to our NDA and our social code in order to protect our projects and to regulate interactions between the beneficiaries themselves and with the administrative structures. Our beneficiaries are volunteers without voting rights. They are subject to confidentiality and accountability for their actions in accordance with the confidentiality agreement (NDA).


Associative organization registered with the swiss statistical office


Swiss IDE: CHE-235.814.872

Website: Ecosystem to create best future for children (regenerationmatrix.group)