LEP (Life and economics planning)

REGENERATION MATRIX group also carries out life and economic planning (PVE) programs. Several à la carte projects can be offered depending on the case.

  • Urban programs with BABYLONE projects which consist in creating new towns or restructuring old towns on the same basis as new towns. We call these projects BABYLONE in reference to the mythical city of Babylon with its hanging gardens. We are committed to creating the city interwoven with nature, agriculture and the economy. We are fighting against the dormitory towns and emergency camps which are antagonistic to the creation of living and livable cities.
  • Territorial programs with PARKS projects are set up in areas in crisis situations. These crises can be health, safety, natural, climatic. We define a territory defined with its users and we add structures, adapted services or / and regulations stricter than the regional or state regulations in force in order to obtain the expected results.
  • Regenerative programs with the RESET project can be urban, territorial or social projects in extreme cases where one or more situations are no longer manageable by the emergency services or local or / and state authorities. In this case, we put all the dysfunctional parameters on the table and we imagine new ways of dealing with inextricable problems and new ways of finding applied solutions to them.