The University of REGENERATION MATRIX is a group of institutions associated with a digital platform allowing them to collectively train their students according to accelerated university protocols allowing them to train as quickly as possible in digital professions at the pace of cybersecurity innovations, blockchain, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

The programs of the University of REGENERATION MATRIX are called Abondance REGENERATION MATRIX university.

The platform called Signal REGENERATION MATRIX university makes it possible to dispatcher the courses either online, or in reverse class and or in lecture class according to the students, the health realities, and the objective of each training. The courses can be taken either in traditional university training, or in applied training or modular training throughout life.

The platform can have physical extensions by modular classes delivered in specific places. This basically allows face-to-face learning of digital educational tools and can be maintained for categories of students who are unable to self-study online and who need the face-to-face of a teacher to discipline and learn. the subjects taught.