The aim of the ECOSYSTEM VLG world is to support its members and partners towards a better world. On the one hand, innovators who need to strengthen themselves in the face of global disruption and on the other, communities who also need to strengthen themselves in the face of crises leading to complex situations such as extreme poverty.

Our main goal is peace. Creating a synergy between these two worlds allows the first to develop technologies, knowledge for people who need it, to find, train employees they are in short supply and the other allows people suffering to go out their working conditions and eventually develop local, then national, and eventually international economies.

Our philosophy

  • when human beings make the wold of business positive and collaborative, they do not make war.
  • when human beings who are autonomous to provide for their needs, they can create worthily the best of all worlds.
  • when human beings are starving, they are in the Sahel or in India or in the West, their needs are identical.
  • it is now and not tomorrow that we must build a world in which our children can live in peace. There is urgency for the whole planet.

We are putting all our members partners and ideators to work together to optimize our buildings, equipment, programs and tools to make our collective actions a success for our beneficiaries and for humanity.

The future of children, families and their ecosystems is at the heart of our concerns. This is the goal of ECOSYSTEM VLG world to find solutions to ensure the well-being of future adults of tomorrow. These solutions are available to all our members and partners according to agreements protocols.