March 2018, after coordinating 6 sessions of the GdP-Lab of the Project Management MOOC at the Ecole Centrale d’ingénieurs de Lille, Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS founder of The COCÖÖÖN Matrix consortium and her team of 25 people first created an online incubator for their alumni, then a COCÖÖÖN organisations association to help innovators.

July 2018, Ms GUIGNARD LEGROS, as part of an Xprize competition, designed a programme called REED to help the world’s poorest farming communities lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

In December 2018, 2 associations, CJPVGCI and NIDE, representing war victims in the city of Daloa and the five regions of Haut Sassandra and the departments of Daloa, Issia, Vavoua and Zoukougbeu in Côte d’Ivoire, signed a contract with COCÖÖN Organisations for ethical fundraising and distribution. From January to March 2019, The COCÖÖÖN Matrix consortium will begin structuring a resilience programme for this community of 470,000 people.

Mars 2018, après avoir coordonné 6 sessions du GdP-Lab du MOOC Gestion de projet à l’École centrale d’ingénieurs de Lille, Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS fondatrice du consortium The COCÖÖÖN Matrix et son équipe de 25 personnes ont d’abord créé un incubateur en ligne pour leurs alumni, puis une association COCÖÖÖN organisations pour aider les innovateurs.

Juillet 2018, Mme GUIGNARD LEGROS, dans le cadre d’un concours Xprize, a conçu un programme appelé REED pour aider les communautés agricoles les plus pauvres du monde à sortir de l’extrême pauvreté.

En décembre 2018, 2 associations, CJPVGCI et NIDE, représentant les victimes de guerre de la ville de Daloa et des cinq régions du Haut Sassandra et des départements de Daloa, Issia, Vavoua et Zoukougbeu en Côte d’Ivoire, ont signé un contrat avec COCÖÖN Organisations pour la collecte et la distribution éthique de fonds. De janvier à mars 2019, le consortium Matrice COCÖÖN commencera à structurer un programme de résilience pour cette communauté de 470 000 personnes.

Or they tried to do business with, for example

  • our programmes to revitalise towns in Cameroon
  • our franchise to distribute local medical and other products
  • our resilience centre project in Daloa.

In June 2021, following an administrative investigation that will block our activities for a year and put us out of business, we developed a 100% voluntary project called ANGELS with groups of caring people keen to make a difference.

  • The first group was made up of lawyers from the International Criminal Court.
  • The group was joined by civil society leaders in the DRC (Ituri, North Kivu, South Kivu, Kasai), Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, etc.
  • A third wave of national economic players has recently joined us.

In February 2023, following discussions about the maternity of projects and the incomprehension of some members who were used to working with large international organisations, all the brands adopted the VLG world extension. VLG has been Virginie Guignard Legros’ acronym since she was a child artist aged between 7 and 12. This is so that everyone understands that everything that is going to be created and everything that has been created is made available subject to good management at the discretion of our founder.

January 2024, a new GOOD VLG world branch is open

  • pending the creation of a public utility foundation for the neutral and non-commercial management of user data for our brand new project aimed at young people in the West.
  • And GOOD VLG world will be incubating the first public utility company created by our founder Virginie Guignard Legros.

ECOSYSTEM VLG is spreading across Africa, India and the West. It’s always NGOs, local or international groups in the field that are involved.