ECOSYSTEM VLG world operates at the ecosystem level. We do what we could call humanitarian town planning, human permaculture, governance, coordination of NGOs and we develop specific programs to support, heal or repair communities impacted by factors external to their natural condition such as disruption, famine, war, poverty, climate change, cultural changes so that our beneficiaries can have a positive and hopeful future.

Instead of working only at the level of the individual, the house, the group, the district, we deal with the problems to be solved in their entirety at the scale of the territory, taking into account the history people, communities, companies and by assessing their needs on the ground in all the dimensions where it is possible for us to intervene.

Our interventions range from the coordination of NGOs, to the establishment of urban or rural equipment or programs, to the selection or creation of governance technologies, to audits on subjects of various dysfunctions of civil society , the creation of training groups, discussion groups, economic value creation groups.

Our field of action is quite wide, which is why we divide our projects into coordinated project teams.

ECOSYSTEM is formalised around 5 main themes, the common thread of which is peace and prosperity through resilience and innovation:

  • ECOSYSTEM – Collective projects of service to our ecosystem and partners, carried out according to protocols of collective intelligence and respect for the authorship of ideas.
  • REGENERATION MATRIX – Projects carried out for specific populations or cities, regions or even states, with the aim of strengthening economic, family, cultural and security roots.
  • EXPANSION – Community programmes to promote synergies between people and life in all its dimensions and in relation to our various ANGELS* sites.
  • GOOD – Selection of quality projects, products and technologies with a public utility or humanitarian dimension. Ethical support for humanitarian and economic development with the greatest respect for users.
  • VLG World – Creation of humanitarian, social, technological and scientific services or projects or programmes that can become humanitarian structures or economic spin-offs to guarantee their sustainability.

*The ANGELS are community networks representing NGOs, companies and innovative projects selected for their potential for benevolence, voluntary action and excellence.